Thalapathy Vijay gave an interview after 10 years, answered the rules on all the controversies


Beast’ director Nelson took this interview with Vijay.

On April 13 Thalapathy Vijay’s film ‘Beast’ going to release. Before the release of the film, when the rest of the actors are busy with the promotion, Vijay keeps away from media interaction and promotion. So when the promo of one of his TV interviews came out a few days back, it was natural to become news. This interview of Vijay taken by ‘Beast’ director Nelson Dilip Kumar. Where he questioned Vijay on his controversies and Vijay’s answers were muted.

However, now these answers have become unmute as this complete interview has come on Sun TV. Vijay gave his last TV interview about 10 years ago. Where he had come to promote his film ‘Thalaiwa’. ‘Thalaiva’ was the same film, whose tagline ‘time to lead’ had upset the then Tamil Nadu government. Along with this, some unknown people had also threatened that the theatre where ‘Thalaiwa’ released, would explode with e bombs. The film released after all the troubles but proved to be a loss-making deal for Vijay. After the interview with ‘Thalaiwa’, Vijay had decided not to appear in the media. Almost 10 years passed since that incident. On this, Nelson asked why he did not give any intervention at such a time. Vijay’s reply was,


It has been almost 10 years since I was given an interview. It is not that I did not want to give an interview, but in my last interview, I had said some strong things. So since then, en I have been taking precautions.

Nelson further asked that it is difficult to gauge Vijay’s nature at the time of the shooting, and does he gets angry. To this Vijay said,

I get angry but I try not to show it. If you miss a chance, don’t fill your eyes with tears, it may hide another chance. Just take it easy and make it easy.

His character in Vijay’s film ‘Mersal’, which came in 2017, commented on GST. On which the BJP party of Tamil Nadu was furious. Social media campaigns ran against Vijay. State BJP leader Hariharan Raja posted Vijay’s voter ID card on his social media. Where Vijay’s full name written, Joseph Vijay. Raja wanted to show that since Vijay is a Christian, he is against the policies of the BJP government. This move of the Tamil Nadu BJP backfired badly. In response to this, the fans ran hashtags like #MersalVsModi for a long time. Since that whole incident, Vijay remains the target of right-wing groups.

Joseph Vijay Tweet

Hariharan Raja’s tweet, where he had posted Vijay’s voter ID card.
Vijay was questioned on religion and God. To which his answer was,


I believe in God and along with going to church, I also go to temples and dargahs. My mother is Hindu and my father is a Christian. No one ever told me to go here or don’t go there and that is what I am teaching my children.

S A Chandrasekhar is the director and producer of Tamil cinema, and he also launched Vijay. He had announced a political party in the name of his son. After which Vijay clarified that he has nothing to do with this party. After this incident, there was tension in the relationship between Vijay and his father. When Vijay was asked about his father, he said,

Fathers are like the roots of a tree. I am talking not only of my father but of all fathers. There is only one difference between God and father, you cannot see God and you can see the father.


Two trends have been going on in Tamil cinema for years. One is the fans giving likeness to their stars, like calling Rajinikanth ‘Thalaiva’ and Vijay Sethupathi as ‘Makkal Selvan’, or Joseph Vijay as ‘Thalapathy’. The second is the entry of popular film stars into politics. MGR and Jayalalithaa, two former Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu, were top stars of their time. There are speculations for a long time that Vijay will also join politics soon. On this Nelson asked whether he was ready for his next transformation after Thalapathy’s transformation from Ilai Thalapathy. Vijay’s reply was,

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It all depends on the wishes of my fans. If they want me to become a Thalaivan (leader), then I cannot stop that change.

During the 2021 Tamil Nadu assembly elections, Vijay went to cast his vote on a bicycle. This step of Vijay was interpreted differently, some even named it Political Commentary. Vijay was asked why you went to cast your vote on a bicycle leaving four luxurious cars parked at your house, he said,

The school which was made into a polling booth is right behind my house. So when I got down I saw my son’s cycle and decided to take it. It just became an issue of this thing. When I returned, my son asked if my cycle was okay.

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Vijay narrates a kutti story at the audio launch of his films. Kutti Story means short story. He also ended this interview with one of his kutti story. You read that story too.

One day a footballer asked the flute why people kick it, and why they kiss the flute when both of them are full of air. The flute replied that the football keeps the air inside itself, the same flute passes it like music. That’s why we all try to be flutes.

Vijay also wished Tamil New Year with this.

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