Taliban attacks Afghanistan | Women, Children at Kabul get attacked despite the promise of peace


Taliban attacks Afghanistan. Women, Children in Kabul are getting attack despite the promise of peace

Taliban is fighting since 2001 to eliminate foreign forces. On Sunday, they seized Kabul because US-led Western Afghanistan was withdrawn. Under a settlement not to attack them from the rebels, the US withdraw their army from Afghanistan.

Taliban after taking over command in Afghanistan. They promised peace and said they would value the rights of women and respect them. But the truth in Kabul is something different.

Taliban attacks Afghanistan – Many photos and videos appearing from Kabul

These photos and videos are showing that Talibani insurgents are using dangerous objects to hit women and children. These women and children are hopelessly seeking to enter Kabul airport in an effort to leave the country.

The rebels began to fire to push the crowds back from the airport, the videos showed. Los Angeles Times reporter Marcus Yam shared some of the pictures on Twitter. He claims that at least half a dozen are injured, including a woman and her child.

Taliban fighters strolling around the streets of Kabul and other areas and opening fire in search of ex-government workers. A channel reported a disturbance incident in the Takhar region where a woman gets killed by Taliban fighters for being in public without a head covering.


According to a report by CNN, The fighters enters Njia’s house and asked her to cook food for 15 fighters. But when she told the Taliban fighters that she is poor and unable to cook food. Then they start beating her with their AK-47 rifles and threw a grenade in her next room. Fighters run away when the fire flames spread.

More than 1,000 civilians are dead by the Taliban attack last week. ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) claims that around 4042 people were treated in 15 health departments since August 1.

Though the Taliban refuses to targeting and killing civilians while their invasion against Afghan government troops. But the United States government refuse the claims.

In the first news briefing after the Taliban attacks Afghanistan, the Taliban says they would force their laws more softly than during their earlier time in power.

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