Rajni Pandit: Country’s 1st lady detective, story of lady James Bond


Rajni Pandit: Country’s 1st lady detective, solved 80,000 cases

Many people get success after studying a lot, some get success according to experience, but there are some people who have prepared and sent by destiny itself. These people are born with some of the other skill which makes them different from the world. Today’s story is also of such a talented woman. This is the story of the country’s first female detective Rajni Pandit. The same Rajni Pandit who is also known as Lady James Bond of India. So let’s know the story of Rajni becoming a detective Rajni Pandit:

Rajni used to have a different perspective from the beginning

It is a matter of many years ago, at that time Rajni’s age must have been 22. She was in college, in her first year of graduation. It was always in her mind that she should stand on her own feet and not depend on anyone. This was the reason why she started working during her graduation. Used to work as a clerk in some office. One thing in Rajni was different from others, she used to see things from the point of view that common people could not see. Going to the bottom of something and knowing its truth which would have been hidden from the rest, she had learned it from her father working in CID.


Learned the tricks of espionage from father.

She had learned small tricks of espionage from her father. Once upon a time, in the office where she used to work, a co-worker woman told her dilemma to Rajni. He told that their a burglary in his house but the thief has not been found. The woman also told that she has doubts about her newly born daughter-in-law. She knew that Rajni was more interested in these things and she could not even trust anyone else, so she gave the responsibility of solving this mystery to Rajni.

First case solved at the age of 22

Till today, Rajni, who had heard the stories of her father, had a chance to create her own story in front of her. She said yes without delay. After this, Rajni set her eyes on the woman from her house to her street. Rajni’s hard work paid off and she solved the mystery. Actually the woman’s suspicion wrong, this theft is done by the son of the same woman. After the question answered, he finally confessed his crime. In this way, Rajni solved her first case at the age of 22.


When the father got the news of espionage

After this people started searching for her and giving her case and she started solving one case after another. For a long time, these exploits of Rajni were not even known at home, but where the fame going to hide. When Rajni’s father came to know about this, he explained to her that “he also has an idea of ​​how dangerous this work is. But they will not stop her, if she wants to do it despite knowing the dangers in this work, then do it.

After getting her father’s green signal, Rajni no longer cared about anyone. He continued his search. Gradually many news channels and newspapers started covering Rajni. In this way, Rajni became India’s first female detective.

Hardest case of life

The most difficult case of Rajni’s life was to solve a murder mystery. A father and his son both murdered in the city but no clue of the murderer was found. This case reached Rajni.


When she did the case study, something popped into his mind. She started feeling that the strings of this murder are connected with his house. Now the problem was how to enter that house. Then Rajni did what made him a staunch detective. Rajni entered the house of the woman whose husband and son was murdered as a maid. When that woman fell ill, Rajni served her a lot and won her trust.

Gradually, Rajni was able to increase her closeness with that woman, but at the same time, something happened due to which she came under suspicion. One day Rajni was with the woman, there was silence in the room that in the meantime the click button of the recorder made a sound.

Somehow, Rajni saved herself but she came under suspicion. Now that woman even stopped Rajni’s exit. 6 months passed since Rajni was working in that woman’s house, but till now no such evidence was found which could prove that the woman was a murderer. Meanwhile, one day a man came to meet that woman.

From his words, Rajni came to know that that person had committed the murders of father and son. But now the problem was that how did he go out of the house because the woman had refused him to go out.

Solution came to Rajni’s detective mind

Then a solution came to Rajni’s detective mind, he took a knife from the kitchen and cut his leg. She went to the mistress with the excuse that her leg was cut, she would have to go to the doctor to get it bandaged. Seeing the blood flowing from Rajni’s feet, perhaps that woman did not get time to think about anything else, so she approved. As soon as Rajni came out of the house, she ran to the STD and called her client and told that “quickly take the police to the house of that woman, the murderer has been found.”

In no time the police reached there and arrested both of them. After investigation, it was found that the man was the lover of that woman and he had killed the father and son at the behest of the woman so that their way would be cleared. This was the biggest success to date for Rajni.

Disguise for case

After this Rajni’s courage and courage increased further. Even after this case, Rajni solved two more cases in disguise. Once Rajni pregnant woman disguised as a hawker for the second time. In a way, Rajni had married this work itself. Now spying was his life. In fact, he got himself so engrossed in work that the desire to settle down never arose in his mind.


Seeing the increasing work, Rajni opened his own agency in 1991. In one case a person sought help from Rajni. In fact, that man had to go on foreign tours repeatedly in connection with work. When he was once on a foreign tour, during this time his 7-year-old son was lost, who was not getting it. After investigating Rajni, it was found that the man’s wife was having an affair with someone and she, along with her boyfriend, took the child to Lonavala and left. Later the child was found.

Has solved more than 80 thousand cases

It is said that Rajni has so far solved more than 80,000 cases together, all small and big. He has also written two books named Fasis Behind Faces and Mayajal. She has received many more awards from Doordarshan along with Hirkani Award. Just this year, he was arrested by the police on the allegation that he had wrongly obtained call details for his client during a case. On this Rajni had said that this is part of his work.

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