Plant on Moon soil -What happened to the plants that first grew on Moon’s soil?

Plant on Moon Soil – What happened to the plants that first grew in the soil of the Moon?


Plants in the soil of the moon

For the first time, scientists have grown many plants in the soil of the moon. This successful experiment is a big step in the direction of making it possible to stay on the moon for a long time.

Researchers sowed many seeds in this soil. After two days, the seeds germinated, about which the researchers were quite surprised.

Anna-Lisa Paul, a professor at the University of Florida, co-authored a paper on the results of plants grown in lunar soil. Regarding this experiment, he says, “I cannot tell you how surprised we were.”

“Every plant looked the same for about six days,” explains Anna-Lisa.

Condition of Plant on Moon soil

But soon many difficulties arose regarding this. Plants grown in the soil of the moon soon began to look weak and developed slowly. Eventually, these plants withered and died.

But the researchers involved in this experiment say that it is a huge success. Plant on Moon soil.

Regarding this, NASA chief Bill Nelson said, “This research is important for NASA’s future human exploration goals. Because we need to develop food sources for future astronauts to live and work there on the Moon. “And the resources found on Mars will need to be used.”

Apollo 11 team collected soil from the moon in 1969{image}

NASA chief Bill Nelson says, “The research done on the fundamental evolution of plants is an example of how NASA is making new innovations in the field of agriculture. This will help us to understand how the food shortage on the earth is being solved. “Plant damage can be avoided in struggling areas”

Plant on Moon soil. A challenge for researchers is that they don’t have a lot of Moon’s soil to conduct experiments.

From 1969 to 1972, NASA astronauts brought 382 kg of soil from the surface of the Moon. This 382 kg consisted of moon rocks, core samples, pebbles, sand, and dust.

The team at the University of Florida contains only 1 gram of soil per plant to experiment with from samples. They are saving these samples for decades.

For the first time since 1972, NASA plans to land humans on the Moon in a mission scheduled for 2025.

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