Johnathan the Tortoise, the oldest creature on planet Earth !!

Johnathan the Tortoise, You will be surprised to hear the age of the oldest creature on Earth.

The life of a normal tortoise is very long (approx 100-150 years). But, a turtle named Johnathan has registered his name in the Guinness Book of World Records by living more than a normal tortoise. And he has become the oldest (189 years) living creature on earth.

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Who is Johnathan the tortoise?

Johnathan the tortoise is a resident of St. Helena Islands in London. And it has seen 178 springs so far. Three tortoises reached the St. Helena Islands in 1882, but only Johnathan survived.

Jonathan belongs to the Tadpole Shrimps breed. This breed is the oldest ancestry amongst all the living creatures on Earth. Jonathan is 189 years old and still lives on the South Atlantic Islands of St. Helena with five other tortoises David, Speedy, Emma, Fredrica, and Martial.

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Before Jonathan, a tortoise from Australia named Harriet was the oldest tortoise but died in 2005 at the age of 175.

Advocates of island tourism say that Jonathan is own by the government of St. Helena. And adequately looked after by them.

His age was 50 years when Jonathan came to live here. His present age is 189 years because as the records he was ‘fully mature’ when came to Saint Helena in 1882.

The veterinarian says that despite being old, Jonathan is very active and passionate. He is facing a slight problem with one eye, but still, it can’t stop his passion to live long.


The reason, why do tortoises live so long?

Although there is no confirmation that why turtles live so long. But scientists are researching a few theories about what makes the tortoises live so long. They live longer than humans and others with limited lifespans.

A recent study shows cell damage and death and also took into account cells of turtle species, including from a giant tortoise, just like Johnathan. It reveals that the tortoises have the ability and strength to defend themselves from the long-term effects of cell damage. Their ability to quickly killing off the damaged cells, using a process called apoptosis, increasing their lifespan.

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