Job Extinction: 10 jobs are in danger of extinction

Job Extinction: Jobs To Extinct In Future: You must have heard many people saying that ‘nobody has seen tomorrow’. However, a little bit of the future can be guessed from the changing circumstances of today. According to the way technology is dominating us day by day, it can be said that some jobs may be in danger in the future. It may also happen that some jobs may simply disappear in the coming decade.

Let us tell you today about the jobs which are expected to disappear in the coming 10 years (Jobs To Extinct In Future).



The jobs of tax preparers are in danger. Most people pay taxes through tax apps. Many workers in the UK do not even have to file taxes, as this is done automatically on their behalf.

Job Extinction: Postal Service Clerk


Postal service is also called manual labor and due to technology, workers are facing a lot of replacement. This job may also face a downfall in the coming time. (Jobs To Extinct In Future)



According to a report, the cars will run automatically in 5-10 years. No driver is required to operate them. Many countries are also testing such cars, while in some countries automatic cars have also been launched. Along with this, in the future, we will also get rid of problems like road accidents, traffic, and transport delays.

Job Extinction: Travel Agents


Today’s era is such that you can book an airplane or train ticket for yourself without the help of any travel agent. Also, there are many websites on the Internet to book different types of hotels. This sector will be further affected in the coming years and gradually the jobs in travel agencies will go extinct.



In today’s time, with the help of 3D technology, it is possible to build a house in 24 hours without involving more people. If this continues, the day is not far when the builder’s profession will be a thing of the past.



In Cafes and Restaurants Technology is the eye of this profession. Nowadays robot waiters have come into the market, which can handle any stressful situation better than ordinary employees. While protests are going on in many countries due to labor cuts, the wave of technology is on the upper hand. It is developing every day and will bring rapid changes in this sector in the coming times.



Digital payments have grown rapidly in the last few years. Apps like Phone Pay, and Paytm do cash transfers in the bank in seconds without the help of any cashier. However, even today a section of society is dependent on cash. But now due to digital payment, the need for people to carry cash with them all the time has ended.

Textile worker


The declining workforce in the textile industry is not due to a decrease in the demand for products, but because of the way they are made. Since machines are involved in a lot of manufacturing and production these days, there is very little left for textile workers. Opportunities remain. In the coming years, this sector will be completely dependent on machines.

Print Media


In today’s digital age, there are very few people left who read newspapers. Most people get all the information on phones or any digital media website. That’s why they don’t even need to read the newspaper. Print media is heading towards the same decline in its business. Leftovers will be completed in the coming year

Job Extinction: Umpire


If you’re interested in sports, don’t ever think of becoming a referee or an umpire. This is because your services may not be needed in the future. According to a study by Oxford University, the job of a sports referee or umpire is also at risk due to computerization.

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