Bazaars of Delhi: 20 Jugaad bazaars where all kinds of unique items are available!


Bazaars of Delhi: Apart from skyscrapers and self-employed offices, Delhi has a lot to offer. From the point of view of cultural heritage, the capital of the country is quite rich. For a long time, different types of businesses have been highly appreciated here. Many types of merchants came here and stayed here on the strength of their minds, as well as spread their business in a very big way. Today I am going to open some such secrets of Delhi in front of you, which will be fun if you come to see with your own eyes.

These 20 markets of Delhi are famous for selling specialty items.

Nai Sarak Market

All kinds of books


You can find all kinds of books on the new road. Be it school-college books or mythology books, there is nothing that you cannot find here. Here you will also get old used books, that too at very low prices. If you want, if you have old books you can also sell them here.

Palika Bazaar(one of the famous Bazaars of Delhi)

Gaming Consoles and CDs


This underground market in Delhi is known for having all kinds of “underground” things. Here you’ll find fake sports jerseys as well as packaged deodorant bottles filled with water only. Here you will get everything. But this market became especially famous because it used to get cheap Chinese versions of expensive gaming equipment.

Tank Road

Jeans of all sizes, sizes, and brands


Tank Road is the largest market for denim clothing in the Bazaars of Delhi. The jeans made here go to the whole city as well as to other places in India. You can get the tag of that brand sewn on the back of your jeans by saying whatever you want and the seller will happily agree to you.

Sarojini Nagar Market

Women’s street shopping


Sarojini Nagar is no less than a treasure for women. The reason for this is that there are many types of cheap clothes and other items sold here, which you will find here within a radius of only one square kilometer. And yes, don’t hesitate to bargain.

Nehru Place

Buying and repairing laptops and desktops


This place is no less than a paradise for people who are fond of technical equipment. Bazaars of Delhi. In Delhi / NCR, if anyone has to buy, sell, make or repair his laptop or desktop, then he comes to Nehru Place. Some of the goods sold here may seem ridiculous at first glance, but their demand remains in full swing.

Gaffer Market

New, Old, and Chinese Mobile Hub


Just as Nehru Place is famous for laptops and desktops, Ghaffar Market is famous for mobiles. But if you are leaving your mobile here for repair, then keep in mind that many shopkeepers here take out the original parts from the mobile and put it fake. Bazaars of Delhi.

Chandni Chowk

wedding shopping


If you have to organize a wedding or attend a wedding in any corner of the world, then the shopping for clothes will be done from the cloth market of Chandni Chowk. This is because the cloth market of Chandni Chowk is full of ready-made clothes from all types of clothing stations. Indian dresses sold here are affordable as well as are in tune with the times. Moreover, the shopkeepers are also very friendly.

Camera and everything related to cameras

If you are looking for the right camera to save the memories of your travels, then your search will end only by going to the photo market of Kucha Chaudhary Market or Chandni Chowk. In these markets, you will find all kinds of accessories for all types of cameras.

Bazaars of Delhi: Khari Baoli

All kinds of condiments and other similar things


Now that you’ve bought your camera, walk a little further. Located near Chandni Chowk, Khari Baoli is the largest spice market in Asia where you will find a variety of colors and sizes to capture on camera.

Satya Niketan

Be cheap cafes on western lines


Want to enjoy cold coffee and pizza on the cheap without setting the notes on fire? Satya Niketan Market is ready to welcome you. Situated right in front of Venkatesh College, located on the southern campus of Delhi University, this place is situated where the luxurious cafes will give you the taste of food from all over the world in one place at cheap prices.

Majnu Ka Tila

Cheap shoe shop


This Tibetan settlement is known for selling all kinds of expensive branded shoe models. Whether it is Nike, Adidas, Asics, Reebok, or any other luxury brand, in this market you will find the first copy of all types of brands to buy. The quality of the goods will also be excellent.

Flag bearer

Bicycles everywhere

If you go on anti-pollution campaigns in Connaught Place, you’ll also need a good bicycle to show your love for the environment. In such a situation, the Jhandewala Cycle Market is the only place where you will find any type of bicycle you want.


drug store

Outside AIIMS, India’s most famous medical institute, you will find a flurry of chemist shops where you will find medicines that cannot be found anywhere else in the country. Here you will also find international medicines.

Bazaars of Delhi: Naiwala

Everything related to cars will be found

If you want to get the next level of a makeover in your car then pick up the car and reach this market in Karol Bagh where you will feel what your car was missing for so long. From buying, and selling luxury cars to unique items, you will find everything in this market.

Ballimaran street

From sunglasses to eyeglasses, as far as the sight goes, you will get glasses

With this, we have once again reached the streets of Chandni Chowk. In the Ballimaran area of ​​Old Delhi, you will find a plethora of eyeglass shops, small and big. Whether you buy eyeglasses or a designer fashion one.


Flowers for your true love

You will find some of the biggest nurseries of your life in the D block of Chattarpur. Every morning you will see many merchants selling flowers of different types and colors on the street.

Laal Kuan(Bazaars of Delhi)

Fly the kite of your heart with the door of fun

Have you ever been amazed at where so many kites come from during every other Indian festival? These kites come from the laal Kuan. In this area, only kite makers live, whose many generations are making their living only by making kites.


Best Fashion Mall

If you are looking to buy clothes for yourself to dress up on a special occasion, then you can find new fashion apparel at DLF Place and Citywalk Mall in Saket. Here all luxury brands come under one roof. Simply put, you will not be disappointed by coming here.

Tilak Nagar

Taste of Chaat, Tikki, Golgappa, Street Food


Although you will find good street food in every corner of the city, Tilak Nagar is really special in terms of flavor. Being the Punjabi area of ​​West Delhi, you will get to eat so many delicious dishes on the roadside in Tilak Nagar Market, which you have never tasted before.

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